Computational Biomechanics

Dr. Kewei Li

Installation of Fortran Compilers and Tools

In this course, we will be primarily using Intel Fortran compiler. You can request a free student version of Intel Fortran compiler at the Intel Free Software Tools website. The Intel Fortran compiler is included in the Intel Parallel Studio XE. So you need to request and download it for your machine.

Installation on Windows

You will need to install Microsoft Visual Studio first and then Intel Fortran Compiler. At first, you need to find out the right version of Visual Studio for a specific version of Intel Compiler. Then, you can download the Visual Studio online. The free Visual Studio Community Edition is a valid option for Intel Compiler. If you are installing Visual Studio 2017, then it is necessary to install the Desktop development with C++ component from Visual Studio. This component is not installed by default.

Installation on MacOS

There is no Mac version of Microsoft Visual Studio. So the only IDE you can use is Xcode by Apple. But the integration of Intel Fortran Compiler with Xcode is limited according to Steve Lionel from Intel. Another option is to use the command line tool (Terminal) on macOS. At first, you need to find out the right version of Intel Fortran Compiler for your machine. If you plan on using Fortran Compiler on Mac Terminal, then you do not need to install Xcode. For this course, you do not need to install Xcode. According to the Intel website, in order to use the Intel Compilers on MacOS 10.9 and greater (Mavericks), the ‘command line tools’’ for Xcode must be installed although you do not need Xcode itself. By default these are NOT installed when you install Xcode 5. So your can download those tools from Apple Download website for developers and install it. You can also install it from the Mac Terminal,

xcode-select --install

Than, a software update window will appear. You need to confirm the installation by clicking “Install”. After this, you should be ready to use the Intel Fortran compiler on your machine.

If you do choose to try out Xcode, then you must install Xcode first. After that, when you install Intel Fortran compiler, choose to integrate it with Xcode too.

If you want to use the free GNU Fortran compiler on MacOS, install it via homebrew:

brew install gcc

Installation on Linux

You will also need to install the Intel Fortran compiler for your machine. But since we have no students using Linux this semester, I will update this section later with some details.

However, if you choose to use the free GNU Fortran compiler, then you just need to install the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) which includes the GNU Fortran Compiler. For example, on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install gcc

You may also need to install some development tools on your computer,

sudo apt-get install build-essential
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